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I'll leave here a list of the reviews I was able to finish, I've watched many more, but to put everything here it's just too long.. :P

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Lastly, about the reviews, I'm not going to give spoilers on the plot development (I always try my best on this), all the reviews are made thinking in this way, 'cause I think that's the best way of enjoying a dorama/movie/special. There are minor spoilers at times, but I consider them harmless and just share them in order to show an special appeal. Hope they can be useful
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[Eng Trans - Rajira Blog] - 2017.02.04

So.. this took a long time, I'm actually happy that this week there's no Rajira! lol, sorry, I was so out of pace. But I'll try to catch up. I really enjoy listening to them and trying to understand them.. :P
Anyway, here we go...Start! Saturday always sounds like start when they say it lol

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Until next time :P
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White Avenue - Kinki Kids

Hi! I'm back, actually I wanted to post this before my break, but I wasn't able to finish this on time. Yep, as usual I'm late with everything but I wanted to post this translation because I love translating Kinki Kid's songs, specially. And this is a love ballad quite cute and simple, so here we go..

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Until next time.. :D
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[Eng Trans - Rajira Blog] - 2017.01.14

Hi! for once I decided to put some proper subject to the entry! And whenever you live you should know something about the place where I live, it's so hot! I'm mean like so hot, we're in summer right? because of the hemisphere. So, I'll stop rambling and start this.

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I'll finished with Matsujun looking fabulous as usual (It's ash violet, btw :P)
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First post of the year

So, first the unnecessary rambling. Happy New Year!!
So late!! I've been so lazy lately!! I had the content of this post ready like 2 days ago, and yet..I couldn't start this post, and now.. it's late and I'm not sure whether I'll be able to finish it by today.. or before going to sleep. Either way, I've started a sort of closing post for 2016 and starting 2017, so I'll leave most of my rambling to that post.. and actually start this, douzo~

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So, here's to a better 2017!

* Until next week.. hopefully
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Kagerō 〜 Kagiroi - N album

Hi! Maybe this will be my last post of this year, even though I didn't intend it to be this way, lol. But I even procrastinate with things that I actually want to do.. okay maybe that's a quote, but it applies quite well to my situation. Either way I wanted to finish this today, because in this way there's at least one thing done from my list. And this is one of the two songs I wanted to translate from N album, but since I really liked a 3rd song, I'll give a try to that one too, so, again expect two more from this album.. I'm guessing next year..

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And that was it! The end of 2016!
Jaa ne
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