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I'll leave here a list of the reviews I was able to finish, I've watched many more, but to put everything here it's just too long.. :P

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Most of the reviews/lyrics translations are public. All the subs are public
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Lastly, about the reviews, I'm not going to give spoilers on the plot development (I always try my best on this), all the reviews are made thinking in this way, 'cause I think that's the best way of enjoying a dorama/movie/special. There are minor spoilers at times, but I consider them harmless and just share them in order to show a special appeal. Hope they can be useful
About the Lyrics, I added some links in the cases where I've translated more than one song from the album/single (Sometimes I really like it). In some cases there's still no links for some of the songs, that means that it's in my pending list, I'll update those as soon as I do the translation. Either way, they are all in the list above, in the order I worked on them.

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jun kun

[Eng. Trans. - Rajira Blog] - 2017.03.04

So, I started this post like 7 minutes while Thursday, so I'll consider this one, safe! LOL. This has nothing to do with this post but I've just finished a movie that I've been wanting to see for a long time, as usual for the Japanese ones, and I'm emotional. So, picture Inoo-chan while crying at Mezamashi, I'll add a pic at the end.

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Cute Inoo-chan with cute cat, 'cause I like cats and Inoo-chan
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Jinsei wo katarazu - Talking about his covers

Hi! I'm here again, with another English lyrics, this was actually at the end of my pending list, and this is the way I usually translate, that's why I never get to the first of the oldest.. So.. at least I found this pretty interesting.. And yet again another song from Tsuyoshi's Hippopotamus album :P

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MAIN guys have grown up so well, and this has nothing to do with the post! gomen :P

Jaa nee
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[Eng. Trans. - Rajira Blog] - 2017.02.25

So! I skipped the one before this because this one has Dai-chan! So, here we go, it took me forever to style all the parts, so this time I just decided to mix it all, I'll explain a bit more on this later, plus I'm listening such a good song! After all, we have 3 out of 5 members! Into the cut!

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He's so cute! I want to watch that movie.. gif from weibo
Until next week.. or earlier.. or who am I kidding? lol bye
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[Eng Trans - Rajira Blog] - 2017.01.28

Konbanwa-hoi! It's late and it's not Thursday anymore, lol, but either way, I'm posting this Rajira! that got belated..and hopefully during next couple of holidays I'll be able to be updated to the present.. hopefully, lol.
Either way.. ah, and also recently it was the release for Over the Top, it's really a cool dance..

About how Inoo-chan is not good answering quickly and Hika's DB's scream..Collapse )

End .. finally
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Masterpost Rajira Blog Translation

Hi! I felt like writing this sort of summary in order to keep things in I hope this could be helpful..

February4 -1825
March4 -18 (not air yet)

2017's Seducing corner scores
('A`) Inoo: 4
(ο^w^) Yaotome: 3
Guests: 1

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That's all, I tried hard to keep this in a serious and not-random tone, lol

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[Eng Trans - Rajira Blog] - 2017.02.04

So.. this took a long time, I'm actually happy that this week there's no Rajira! lol, sorry, I was so out of pace. But I'll try to catch up. I really enjoy listening to them and trying to understand them.. :P
Anyway, here we go...Start! Saturday always sounds like start when they say it lol

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Until next time :P
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