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I'll leave here a list of the reviews I was able to finish, I've watched many more, but to put everything here it's just too long.. :P

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Most of the reviews/lyrics translations are public. All the subs are public
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Lastly, about the reviews, I'm not going to give spoilers on the plot development (I always try my best on this), all the reviews are made thinking in this way, 'cause I think that's the best way of enjoying a dorama/movie/special. There are minor spoilers at times, but I consider them harmless and just share them in order to show a special appeal. Hope they can be useful
About the Lyrics, I added some links in the cases where I've translated more than one song from the album/single (Sometimes I really like it). In some cases there are still no links for some of the songs, that means that it's in my pending list, I'll update those as soon as I do the translation. Either way, they are all in the list above, in the order in which I worked on them. To know more about this process and my pending list please go to this post. If you want to read and endless rambling post on who I like on Johnny's, go here.

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Rindou - Wanima - COMINATCHA!!

Hello! I'm back with a song~ and I love this song and after searching about it I only love it, even more, ~ Also I'll talk about my semi-hiatus here~ lol I also want to have announcements to make

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And that's it. Congrats, again, to Nino! Omedetou little brat! Enjoy~

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Honey Honey - Sexy Zone - Chu~

So, I'm back, sooner than I expected tbh. And today feels practically like Summer, I hate that we don't have anything like Spring here! So, let's talk about all these Chu(es/s) LOL I have to force plural each time!

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Jaa ne!
A Chu to my very best 5 men!

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So, I didn't even remember what I put in the title of my lyrics translation posts. This is how long it has been.
So, today this is out of season but still it's Tsuyo's lyrics, so

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Jaa ne!
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[Eng Soft Sub] Sexy Zone - Innocent Days [Type B] - Solving the mystery with an innocent heart!

Hello! It's been so long~... since my last post here, I was missing this so much, either way, I'll just write a bunch of things here so, let's start!
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See you!

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Twilight Sunset - Sexy Zone

So today's my day, lol, it's teacher's day and actually, I don't go to school today so it doesn't make a single change at all... I'm talkative, but I'm also late, so I'll stop with the endless randomness and start with this, let's go, in the best Juri style

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Bye, the Arashi pic will be here later on~
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Aoi shashin - Kanjani8

This is a song I love from the bottom of my heart, and I wanted to give this a try because its lyrics are simply beautiful. I had this on my drafts for so long, more than a year and a half I think and I could never end it in the way I wanted it to be... until today.

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Bye-bye, I don't have pictures for this, I shouldn't have words for this either. I blame him also for that.
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