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I'll leave here a list of the reviews I was able to finish, I've watched many more, but to put everything here it's just too long.. :P

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Most of the reviews/lyrics translations are public. All the subs are public
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Lastly, about the reviews, I'm not going to give spoilers on the plot development (I always try my best on this), all the reviews are made thinking in this way, 'cause I think that's the best way of enjoying a dorama/movie/special. There are minor spoilers at times, but I consider them harmless and just share them in order to show a special appeal. Hope they can be useful
About the Lyrics, I added some links in the cases where I've translated more than one song from the album/single (Sometimes I really like it). In some cases there are still no links for some of the songs, that means that it's in my pending list, I'll update those as soon as I do the translation. Either way, they are all in the list above, in the order in which I worked on them. To know more about this process and my pending list please go to this post.

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Home - You & Me - Kisumai

Hi! I've been wanting to post this for the last couple of days but due to different reasons, I wasn't able. so, here it is, finally, and let's enjoy this cute song...

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Best group pic,

See you :D
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Filter Goshi ni Mita Sora no Ao - Sexy Zone

To try this one wasn't on my plans until I got captivated by this song. So, here, my second song on this album and also on SZ. I'll try to be short, but surely I'll be random, I've been listening to this song for a couple of days and I'm still enjoying it~
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See you! I love this pic too!
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