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OK, this is a post that has been waiting in my drafts for a long long time (almost a year!!), it's just a long rambling about who I like in Johnny's and why, so, if you feel like reading it, go ahead...

This is just a bit of an extension to my profile, like you've probably read somewhere around here, I'm Rury, I'm from a country really far away from Japan, I'm a teacher, just recently, I'm still suffering in my way to gaining more experience and trying not to give up while doing so. Why is it so hard??? But that's not what I want to talk about here, here is a happy place :D 

First, I'll let you know a couple of useless bits of info about me, 'cause this is a sort of introduction.

🇦🇷 My name here is actually the romanization of how my nickname would sound in Japanese, LOL. My first language is Spanish, but I'll be writing here mainly in English, because this started as a way to practice my English. So, most, if not all, of my entries will be in English and probably with the presence of mistakes. Sorry about that.

🎭 I love watching doramas, it's my weakness, I love how it feels starting one and not knowing where it will end or how it will evolve during the episodes. If I ever drop being a Johnny's fan, I think I'll still continue watching doramas, after all, that was the reason I got to know them.

😍 I like Johnny's, like a lot of them haha. I'm not sure why, but they may be my weakness, as well.... I'll explain here a bit about the groups I like and follow and the reason for that. If there's some new group in the future, I'll just add them here.

It all started with Arashi, but I'm sure you already know that. I like them since late 2012, I was Jun-baited but I fell for all 5 of them after watching one of their concerts, so they are still the reason I'm here. I follow all their group-shows, concerts, album, singles and doramas. Basically, everything that I'm able to watch, 'cause it takes a lot of time! I love all of them, but if I have to put some order it'll be in this way: Matsujun, Nino, all three of the rest. But each of them are incredible. About Arashi fans, there are lots of them! I usually don't pick to translate their songs unless I really like one because it'll probably be done by someone else, and better. This reason applies even more for their variety and concerts. That's a great thing about this fandom. Of course, it has its negative parts too, it took me a lot to feel comfortable here, I always remember it took me 10 months to get in one community and that was crazy. So, I guess I get it when someone is new here and dislikes or doesn't know how to keep a journal here. Luckily, I love rambling a lot! haha Ganbare new fans! It gets easier later on~

I'm really doubting about the order from now on, but let's keep this chronological. So, now, I'm talking about Kinki Kids. I got to know them through Tsuyoshi, I think it was after watching Summer Snow and giving a chance to Kindaichi. It's amazing how he called my attention and got me into their amazing music and his funk! After watching their shows I fell for Koichi as well, you can't hate Ko-chan, he's a real dork prince. I follow their current show occasionally and I absolutely love their music, albums, singles, solo works and concerts. These two are amazing musically, they're real musicians and they have a lot of amazing songs. About their fans, they are great, it's so easy to talk to them and they are always willing to share lots and lots of information on them! I got to meet really nice people, to get to know them more and to work with them. I got more into lyrics because of them, because it was so frustrating not finding the English lyrics of their beautiful songs. I'm sure someone else would've done it better but now it's just what I'm used to do <3 About my preferences, well, for some crazy reason it's always Tsuyoshi first, I can't explain but that man has all my attention :D

Okay, next one would be JUMP. This is going to be hard, because I have this sort of love-hate on them and their 10-member concept, haha. They are way too much! At times, they look like a bunch of spoiled kids, so I don't like much of their earlier history. I got to know them as a group first in Arashi's Time concert, and later through Yamada's acting. What brought me to accept their music was Nino's cover, I blame the brat for that. Either way, I casually follow one of their shows, but I really like their music. I love that they put lots of songs in their singles (it usually contains 3 versions and many coupling songs that they get to perform them in concert!! * Matsujun, give me your beautiful coupling songs in concerts too!! *) So, fans should be thankful for that. I'm expecting more from their concerts though... I also follow their doramas, but when I find them interesting. The order is super hard with them, if it's on groups is super easy: BEST, SEVEN. I love the interaction in BEST and how dorky they all are, there's no tension on who gets the centre at all! It's a nice place. Then, if I have to pick among the members, is not like I dislike any of them, is just that they are a bunch, here's a sort of order: I love Yabu's voice the best, I want to see more from him, I love YabuHika and I love Rajira's InooHika, it's the only radio I follow after Riida's was over. So, the obvious conclusion is that I like Hika. Of course, weird Inoo is great too. I like Yamada's acting, he's really good but I think his looks will restrict the parts for him in the future, idk. I like Yuto's acting a lot as well, I think he has more space to grow and has lots of potential, even more than Yama-chan. About the others, I think Dai-chan has amazing potential, he should be more aggressive in going for it, Chinen is also good at acting, not as good as YY but has potential despite his tiny stature. Keito is good with music, I'd love to see him more loosen in his singing and he's good at varieties. Yuya has so much potential as well, but like in the case of Yabu, I think both of them are more comfortable with being in the back... Yuya has an amazing voice, that he should take more care of and he's got the looks. That was long! haha I don't like JUMP's fandom so much, sorry!, there are a couple of really amazing fans but overall there are many childish and immature fans, lots of wars on who should be in the centre, and to me that is basically because JUMP has a centre. I hate the fact that they have a centre! It's so unfair! But, I guess, I'm just more used to that now, and I'm waiting for more and more recognition on the other members to have more balance.

Next is NEWS, this is not chronological, sorry, this is biased from now on. I only know 4-nin NEWS and after watching a concert I think I fell for them, I felt the closest emotion to Arashi's concerts. I don't follow their varieties, unless something is subbed and fun. I just don't have the time. I follow all their music and concerts, because NEWS-concerts are love! I do follow their doramas, unless I drop them haha, but I always try them, I love Shige's acting. About the order, well there's no order at all, I love the beautiful balance on NEWS. I love Tegoshi's voice and how overdone it gets haha, Masu is also great, the other two are just adorkable. About NEWS fans, I haven't had much interaction with them but they have been through a lot and I think their story is amazing. Nowadays fans are really loyal, you'll be able to find lots and lots of information on them with easy access. A nice place :D  * A note on this, and I hate the 'new' editor, either way, this is after Tego's scandal, which affected my opinion.. or my emotions in such a weird way, but I still like him, and ... just behave Tego!

Kanjani — they'll probably my favourite ones musically after KK. I've translated a couple of their songs and absolutely loved their lyrics to bits. But, I don't particularly enjoy their varieties shows, except for Kanjam. There are songs I love and also songs I don't like at all, but I love seeking for those amazing songs they have every time. I watched their concerts since the one with Okura missing! and I was able to discover even more amazing songs. They broke my heart a little this year (2018), because Subaru leaving the group was such a surprising and sad piece of news... I love Baru's voice the best from them... it's so sad. I've mentioned this before, Eito fans are amazing, super sweet, super respectful and super passionate in enjoying their lyrics (mainly the Japanese ones in the last and this is mostly my impression in general) and I love that <3. I got to know them through Arashi, but also through the members' acting, especially Okura's and Ryo's. So, that would be my order, Baru TT, Okura, Ryo and the rest. Most of the fandom pages on them that I follow are outside LJ but they usually report their works on the main LJ communities.

Kisumai — I guess I got to know them by Tama-chan, I love his sweet and particular acting, so I almost always watch his acting. Next is Taisuke, Gaya is so weird lol, I don't know how else to describe him, but I like his acting. I have to be honest and say that I don't know much on the rest! I know about Kitayama because he gets many lines and his voice, at times, reminds me of Yabu's, but that's all. Lately, I've been following their music and concerts. I like their style in music, even if it's a bit different from the others. I like how they always try to do different stuffs for their music material. They are actually quite different from the other groups. I don't follow their varieties, because I don't like that style, or maybe because it is not the one I'm familiar with, but I find their dynamics kind of cute. I love translating their encouraging lyrics and I love the little but endearing response I got from their fans. They have a couple of really loyal subbing communities and their fans are really cute in sharing everything kind of fast, it's rather easy to join in and get to know them more. (Lately I've seen that there's less and less of them around here, I don't know why they don't seem to have as much fans as the other groups, or maybe they're on other platforms? I don't know)

Tackey & Tsubasa — I'd got them in the next sort of  'group category', but I put them aside here because I fell in love with them recently. They're gone by now, and it's so sad. I got to know them a little by little during 2018 and fell for their music just by the end of the year.  This is what I wrote before: On T&T I got to know both of them through acting. Tackey was such a cute cutie pie when little. I think I don't particularly enjoy their music, it has really different sounds, but I've checked many songs. It's sad that Tsubasa has health problems. — Okay, now, I changed my mind, I like their PV's or what I've seen on them A LOT. I mean 'crazy rainbow' and 'ai wa takaramono' and many many more are just love and rainbows, I love what I've seen of them. Their fans were amazing when they were more active, their communities here, most of them are still open, and you can still get some of their info+. I always thought Tackey was the one who called my attention, but after having my introduction on them by a Twitter user and done my own research I fell in love with Tsubasa, he's so interesting and such a cutie, and the way he dances! I don't know, I know I was late for them, but don't get to miss their amazing songs! that's my advice.

Tokio * V6 * SMAP— Many have called them the senpai groups (I guess KK should be in this group haha... well...). On Tokio, they are rather particular as they are a real band, they play their instruments and they have a main vocalist, Nagase. I don't really follow their songs, except the most famous ones, the first I get to like was one through a dorama, I've only watched Nagase's acting, I think, but their members are rather known and their varieties are usually really fun. This year (2018) was a really bad one for them as Yamaguchi did what he did. So bad~ I don't think they have an active community here. On V6, well, I got to know more on their music after their 20th anniversary and because of Arashi, of course. They have lots of music for doramas that were really familiar to me. 4 of them are married and they are one of the few groups that have never lost a member. They have an active community here that always spreads the 6's amazing talent and one in dreamwidth that I know. I usually check on them. About SMAP, well, I got to follow their music just before they split, but they were/are really strong in the entertainment industry, they had very different dynamics from Arashi, I think in every way. Of course, I've watched many of Kimura's doramas, the oldest specially, such epic performances. Some of the members were really bad at singing though...and it was really shocking too see them split.

Others — Toma — Yuma — Kazama — Yamapi —  Aww this is such a great category, I love Ikuta Toma's acting, many of his characters are really great and he's really charismatic in front of a camera, he's really good in varieties too. I love that he sort of started this trend in debuting as an actor. He was the very first Johnny I got to know! and I'm so glad about it. There are a couple of active communities around here spreading Toma's love. Next, it's Kazama, Kazapon is really cute and he startled me with his acting in the dorama with Eita. He's super cute next to Arashi. And Yuma, I've watched a couple of doramas with him and I like his acting. I think I got to know him through HSJ and his doramas. I think he also has a couple of communities around here. Of course, I know Yamapi, and my opinions on him are so mixed, his music doesn't call my attention (this changed after his new album and I got to know many of his old songs that are amazing, now I'll follow his music, not just his weird acting!), but his acting does, usually is love or hate for me, and I love that sort of relationship lol. I've seen many of his doramas and I'll probably will check the next ones. I've written many reviews on him, whether full of like or dislike, which I think is great.

Sexy Zone — I wasn't sure about them, because they were so tiny and with such a weird name, lol. But lately I've been enjoying their music a lot more and of course I'm also willing to watch their acting. I think the first one I've watched acting was Kento, but I didn't enjoy his acting that much. Then, Fuma, I don't dislike Fuma. I'm not sure yet about Shori's acting, I find Sou really cute, haha that's sort of my conclusion. I think they have great chemistry with Arashi and I enjoy their interactions, also, lately I've enjoyed their music very much, especially FumaKen's lines. I've never watched their concerts. Of course, they have a couple of really active communities and fans around here, which whom you should be careful with.

Kattun — I'm sorry about leaving them till the very last, but I really don't enjoy that much their style LOL don't kill me, I'm trying to be honest here. It's something that really doesn't call my attention. I was sort of hooked on them but then Taguchi's incident happened and weirdly I got to sympathise with them more haha. Of course, I knew about Kame through his acting first, but I think sometimes he just doesn't do a good job in choosing his characters. However, I do like his acting. He's just too charismatic, I hope their new group can find some sort of balance. I liked CAST very much. Oh, and there are a couple of communities here, but they're just given up with trying to follow the number of members lol, sorry, and a couple of Kame's that share his work.

The rest ~ I know I'm not mentioning A.B.C-Z and WEST, and the reason is that I just don't follow their music, for WEST, I do recognise one or two members through their acting, but that's all. Oh and I like this song for Switched and those acting there.

Last of all it's Kinpuri! I'm so surprised that I know them, lol, it's just my love for Hanadan, I love Cinderella Girl and I love Hirano's acting, it's not even that good, it's not that amazing, but I do love it. It won me over completely. And for some reason which is beyond me, among them, the one who caught my attention because of the way he sings is Kishi.. either way, they have communities and great fans around here too. They're really new so, I should stop with this insanity already! please! I beg myself! 

~ I can't, I'm the only flowering heroine! LOL 

Okay, on Jr.s, I promised myself not to follow any junior groups because you never know..., but this year, the girls brought me to the bad place of liking and following Jr.s. And here I'm just going to mention Stones, Sixtones, yes, I fell into the trap, lol, it's just that I watch many pointless YT videos and I happened to watch one with them. And they're just so nice, the dynamics are so good and they're funny and eager for debut, so 'debut Stones'! Now, I'm one of those annoying yellers~ so you may try their music on YT at least, I knew about Jesse because of his baby acting and now he's so big haha, there's also Hokuto, I knew him from a dorama with Tama-chan and then there are the brothers Shintaro and Juri, not between themselves but of ex-Johnny's and lastly the one that caught my attention, and this is predictable! I'm predictable, Taiga. But I know they're provisional.... for now.  

This all started ... well, when I created this journal and it was because I wanted to follow those amazing people that shared my favourite group's love, in my case it was because of Arashi. Of course I was inspired by many fans, some of them are not around anymore, or much less active here, but their footprints persists. Of course, I remember the special person who got me into LJ, with me not even knowing what it was. It was a Spanish speaker Neen's fan, that's one of the reasons why I love the brat as much as I do. I'd love to thank her for all of that she shared, but not only her translations but all of her love, love for the 5 dorks that started this for many of us. I know that my path, in particular, has expanded ... a lot, but it's fine to follow just one group, I've done it a couple of years and it's great, but let me tell that I don't do this because I feel force to do it, I just fall in love with their characters and with what they choose to share and I ENJOY THE RIDE. That's all.


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