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About lyrics~

Hi! I've been wanting to do this for such a long time, so I'll be starting by posting this though is not exactly what I wanted to do.

[My pending list is at the end, so head there if you want to check it, this is my rambling~]

 The intention on this post is sort of explain my motivation with the lyrics translations here and all the work behind them, how I pick them and why I don't post them in communities or else and my level of knowledge.

So, first of all, I'll explain here my process on picking them, why I choose one or more on one album/single and from which groups... It's entirely based on my taste LOL. I'm a very strong procrastinator,  so, I'll be random and biased when picking the songs, and if you are interested in my music tastes, lol, I'll posting soon a sort of summary about Johnny's groups here. But, I'll be trying to do at least one song of each new release from the artists I like, specially Johnnys, when one of this reason is true:

  • I like the song very much (music, singing or lyrics)
  • It hasn't been translated before (this one is ignored when the first one overpowers this, lol)
  • the single/album/mini album/etc is shared (I live faraway from Japan and I can't afford to buy all their music, it's so sad, but this is the only thing I can think to give something back to the fandom)

I'll usually pick one song from the album/single. For singles, usually coupling songs and for albums, I love picking special songs like written by the members themselves or those sang by special units or solos... I guess I'm picky...

Now on the process, for lyrics I usually take 1-3 days to finish them, if it takes longer I usually just give up, lol. I always try to do my best, I also, usually go back to my post and re-read them, making little editing when I feel like it. Sometimes I'm not so proud of them, sometimes I feel more satisfied, and very few times I just love them <3 (the one that comes first to my mind in this category is Nostalgia <3<3)

So, I want to put here some of the considerations I always want to state in my post with lyrics translations.

  • I usually choose to be not so literal on the English lyrics because lyrics should be pretty and embellished. I always search to find cohesiveness and connection, and of course, the hidden message behind the words.
  • I try to look for words that doesn't sound so unfamiliar to English users.
  • If I know there's another English translation on the lyrics I never read it before facing my work. I usually check later, I admit that, but there are few times when I actually make a change, I'm lazy, I always mention on the post though, that something has been edited.
  • I think I don't stress this enough, but I tend to write the same stanzas or translate them in different ways, even though it's actually the exact same lyrics. Why? Because I think I can't express totally clear what I perceive in the original. I think there were some cases, especially when I wasn't sure about the pronoun choice or the word choice, basically because I can't make a choice LOL, so I did this. If you try re-translating any of my lyrics' translations you should know that and maybe avoid that, I'm sorry.
  • The pages I use as helping tools are the following ones: (I'm terribly sorry about not putting this before)
  1. - Google translator  (https://translate.google.com) Japanese-English and English-Spanish (to check on expressions)
  2. - Jisho (https://jisho.org/) as a Japanese-English dictionary
  3. - Linguee (https://www.linguee.jp) mainly to check on expressions and uses.
  4.  - Reverso Context (https://context.reverso.net/) really  useful to search for expressions in context.
  5. - Thesaurus (http://www.thesaurus.com/) really useful for synonyms
  6. - OXFORD Collocation Dictionary (http://www.freecollocation.com/) I need this to research for collocations to avoid sounding so freaking weird
  7. - Oxford Learner's Dictionary (https://www.oxfordlearnersdictionaries.com/) for the actual meaning of what I'm writing XD
  8. - Google searches . I usually search with the inverted commas for finding translations on the same expression in Japanese to English (I usually use kanji). So, I seek for examples of translation on various sites with lyrics translations. I also search with inverted commas to check if an English expression is used and correct.
  9. I keep all the drafts of my translations on a WordPress blog, just dedicated for that because I dislike LJ's editor and how it made me lose many drafts in the past.
  • As always, I'm terribly sorry for any and all of my mistakes, you should take all of my work with a grain of salt, as I'm not a professional in this field. On my knowledge of the languages, I've been studying English as a foreign language for so long, most of my life actually, but I'm not an expert at all, my understanding is way beyond my production. I'm an English teacher so I always feel horribly terrified to make any kind of mistakes, so please do forgive me and if you please, correct them with compassion, LOL. On Japanese, I fell in love with it like in 2012, and I've been studying it since then on my own. I've been wanting to take the tests, just to prove myself that I can do it, but I need to travel for that, so ... it's on hold. 
  • I think this last point is the reason why I don't want to post my work on any community here on LJ, I think I'll probably feel a little bit more confident after passing, I don't know, at least, N3, to promote my work anywhere. So, that's the reason, but I love translating, and having this journal has made me realise that, so I'm grateful for that chance. And another reason why I don't post this anywhere else is because I want people to find the lyrics translation after searching them specifically and just find this like randomly and it has happened in this way and it's a sort of accomplishment for me, to be found randomly, because we like the same things. I sort of like that.
  • I'm always biased while translating. I have a western mind and my upbringing should put lots of inputs in the result as well, but we all have that.

This all started with me reading this beautiful translation of Yokaze years ago from Becky. It's so beautiful and on point, it's magic translated in words, I can't express it in a way other than that. I didn't know back then, but I wanted to do that. That's the reason behind the name of this journal, it's more than me liking Aiba-chan or liking his solo, it's more me loving this beautiful work that allowed me to enjoy in a language I can understand more beauty than I thought it was possible to receive from a song. I'm glad I got influenced in this way. Maybe, many years in the future, when I've made some actual progress in my Japanese and English this journal could aspire to achieve the same purpose in the slightest way. That's all.

And now, to finish, I'll leave here my list, the pending list of lyrics I want to translate but never find the time or motivation to do it. I feel bad for this, but at the same time I like having it lol.

Pending List

  1. JUMP - 『明日ハレルヤ』- Give Me Love 
  2. Kinki Kids - 雨音のボレロ - N album
  3. Kinki Kids — ちがう道、おなじ空
  4. Eito — Steal your love
  5. JUMP - スローモーション
  6. Domoto Tsuyoshi - ある世界 - Grateful rebirth
  7. Domoto Tsuyoshi — Grateful rebirth
  8. Kinki Kids - Samare Kadas ~another oasis~
  9. Eito - Seishun no subete — JAM
  10. Eito - coffe break - kiseki no hito
  11. Dream Boy
  12. Spitz - Hibiscus
  13. Eito - えげつない
  14. JUMP — 7 - Sweet Liar
  15. Kinki Kids - Aishu no Buenos Aires
  16. Arashi - 街角の恋人たち 
  17. NEWS - Platonic — Tegoshi
  18. Eito - Aoishashin 
  19. Wanima — Everybody!!
  20. After the rain — Natsu Hayate
  21. NEWS — IKIRO
  22. シンジルとウラギル — HYBRID FUNK
  23. 今はまだ遠く 果てしない夢も Yummy!!
  24. Don't wait KAT-TUN 
  25. Negai KAT-TUN
  26. Go My Way — Hey! Say! JUMP
  27. HSJ — SENSE OR LOVE — Yabu's solo
  28. SENSE OR LOVE — One & one makes two
  30. Ketsumeishi — bokura no kurashikku
  31. Dancer — Unleashed — YamaP
  32. Hurray! Hurray! — Kimi wo Daisuki da — Kisumai
  33. Spirit — Worldista — NEWS
  34. Right Now — Super Powers & Right Now — V6
  35. Like a Movie — Reason/Never Lose — Yamapi
  36. Eito — Crystal
  37. CRY — PAGES — Sexy Zone
  38. 君想い  — Kis-my-ft2
  39. Last dance - JUMP
  40. Because of Ai — Sexy Zone — Pages
  41. Come around — Yamapi 
  42. Hsj — Journey

So, if it's in my pending list feel free to ask any of the translations, maybe I'll get the motivation that got lost along the way....  I'll probably finish these some day, it's a sort of commitment just to post this here.

* I know some of these are already translated, and that's one reason why they are here in the first place on some cases, but I want to give them a try on my own.

That's it, I just wanted to say this in a more understandable way, I know I always ramble a lot on all of my lyrics posts so, I wanted to be more focused here. Either way, it was still pretty long. I hope it got transmitted.


See you around here~


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