[Eng. Sub.] Ore no Sukato, Doko Itta? SoftSub [10/10] - Complete

Hi! So... I'm not even going to mention my thoughts on trying to do this, it's just here, for now...

Drama: Where Have My Skirts Gone? (English title) / My Skirt, Where Did It Go? (literal title)
Romaji: Ore no Sukato, Doko Itta?
Japanese: 俺のスカート、どこ行った?
Asianwiki: link

Raws: here
Subtitles for the raws of aidoru-online (the ones in the link just above): here, thanks to rodrigokfw for both the raw and retiming the subs and dealing with me lol.

If you got the raws from somewhere else, you may try the ones I leave below, I added a zip file later on and don't forget the fonts.

Ep.1: here

Surpassing Kinpachi, Yankumi?! The arrival of a crazy high school teacher!

Ep.2: here

The teacher creating a stir makes the black club cheer! The tears of a daring rescue!

Ep.3: here

A student that thinks about his mom, behaves dishonestly! Collective cheating VS. an unconventional teacher.

Ep.4: here

The teacher becomes a detective? Students insubordination and a do-or-die apology at the school work-experience.

Ep.5: here

Great Operation: producing a late bloomer boy for love. A love-confession with tears.

Ep.6: here

Nobuo barged into the virgin road for rescue mission of the teary bride.

Ep.7: here

The truth about the withdrawal notice... The father, the tears in the decisive match and an emotional punch!

Ep.8: here

Cross-dressing in the school festival!! Crying out at the shocking coming-out of the teacher...

Ep.9: here

A great storm of online criticism! Exile! The truth behind the violent video and the teacher's daughter... a fierce past.

Ep.10: here

The wished graduation ceremony to do before dying...Let's cry aloud.

Zip: here
Fonts: here as usual

Ep.1 Notes:

I'll make this better later, but a thing or two now.
- First of all, I hope you know how hard it is to translate YABAI, yabai can mean so many things, good and bad according to context, but it's usually something pretty amazing in the way it is surprising, so I did my best to avoid just putting there 'yabai'. So, I hope the whole meaning got transmitted.
- Second, the thing with the pronouns, you know, or should by now, there's a lot of pronouns in Japanese. In this episode, we have lots of あんた (anta) and お前 (omae) which are used in a not so polite way. So, that's just to point out that a 'conventional' teacher wouldn't refer to their students like this. And much less, students would use this to call a teacher. So the first scene with Harada-sensei with the students is really tense to watch. Of course, I kept the 'sensei' for teachers, 'senpai' for someone with more experience or superior, all the suffixes to the names.
- I'm a teacher myself, so I understand the struggle of learning students names~ but I have a lot more and I don't know their names yet! LOL, what was interesting is that all the students' names are listed so you can check them in the dorama description link.
- The clam game, okay, I didn't know how else to call it lol. The name makes reference to the game of seeing which clam will open first when cooking them? Like that time in Vs Arashi where they play that. Also, this game is largely used in TikTok and as mentioned by the kids is used to do many tricks like the one showed with Akechi or to confess to someone you like. You probably know what I'm talking about if you're familiar with Tiktok.
There are a couple of more specific notes I'll add later, but this is the basic.

Ep.2 Notes:

I'll try to keep this super short, let's see, I liked this ep. btw, more once it was done.
- In the beginning, the teacher was naming all the stations in the Yamanote Line which is a railway loop line in Tokyo with many more stations than the Yurikamome, which is the second that he names.

- ネタバレ (netabare): something that spoils the ending of a story or movie, spoiler. I didn't know about this term in Japanese and I'm glad they named it, the kids' terms are really hard! This one was in the rap, btw, which I didn't even make an effort to make it rhyme.

- Kabaddi, this sport was completely new for me and this episode didn't clarify anything about it, lol. Apparently is a South Asian team sport. This is like the first video which appears when searching on YouTube... I've never heard of it!

- ガチャガチャ This is one of the many onomatopeias used in this dorama! It's really hard to translate them, so, I did my best. Either way, this is a clattering sound, apparently when opening a big door, but here I believe it's used as to refer to a noisy sound, I think it was by the end when Harada tells them to stop talking.

- taping, this is about the injury, when the doctor says if she 'taps' her foot, she'll be fine.
Taping is a form of strapping. It is a procedure that uses tape, attached to the skin, to physically keep in place muscles or bones at a certain position.

- リフティング, this is lifting soccer ball, juggling, football juggling. I didn't know how to express this, so I put something like throwing the ball, but this is actually what they invite Akechi to do while rapping. Idk why they like to rap so much~

One last comment, I was ready to dislike Ren's acting, I don't know the reason, but he's been interesting so far, and the end of episode 3 just makes me want to know more about him! And in here Michi was super cute ~
Thanks for the comments! I'll try to do my best to keep the pace~

Ep.3 Notes:

Hi! Ep. 3 here, I finished it just a bit before, but I think it's still impossible to do 2 episodes in one week so as to be on time with the actual date of airing, but either way~ With this ep, we're back on food notes~ and I think I'll be adding the episodes' names 'cause I always find them hilariously long~

- Teacher: I don't know why but I wanted to clarify this, but, I'll translate the word sensei as teacher, when it corresponds and it's not used as a honorifics title, so, by himself, it'll just end up as 'teacher', which makes sense. You can read more on honorifics here.

- Harada-sensei has this particular way of talking~ in this episode he uses this term よろチクビ! (yorochikubi!) which is the blending of the well-known 'yoroshiku' (nice to meet you) and 'chikubi' (which means nipple) and that's the reason for his hands motion, and it just ended in the translation as 'Nice to nipple you!' LOL

Now about two games mentioned,
- 男気ジャンケン - おとこぎじゃんけん - Otokogi janken - This is a 'variation' of the very well known janken (Rock–paper–scissors), and it literally means something like a manly or chivalrous janken, I think it ended as 'bold janken' and you've probably seen it before when deciding who's going to pay for a meal, usually. This 'variation' of the game originated as a corner in a variety show and the characteristics are: they shout, the winning person treats the others, and the winner doesn't have to show a frustrated face.
I like to think this is the sort of janken they play in MJ's club corner, although I don't remember hearing the specific name, but, as I love Arashi's references, so there you go~

- Shiritori: (しりとり) is a Japanese word game in which the players are required to say a word which begins with the final kana of the previous word. "Shiritori" literally means "taking the end".
I think this is the game Mitsuoka is playing with his little siblings when he starts with 'cow' (u-shi) that's why all the 'shi' since the next word should start with 'shi'

And now, the food,
- This is the food sensei is usually eating at school, inarizushi; sushi wrapped in fried tofu​.
Vinegar flavored rice that is stuffed inside abura-age (fried thin tofu slices that have been cooked in a sweet sauce) is called the inari-zushi. Historically, it has been considered to be a food of the commoners and is widely popular among people of all ages. At times it accompanies soba or udon noodle sets.

- The last phrase in the episode: Iekei Ramen: Iekei Ramen ​is a ramen bar chain originates from a ramen bar called "Yoshimura-ya" located in Yokohama, Japan. The name Iekei literally means "house-type" and has its roots in the word "ya", meaning "house". The chain uses pork and soy sauce as the base for their soup, and thick, flat noodles. The bowl usually comes with slices of roast pork, nori seaweed, and spinach, but there are other variations of toppings such as eggs, the number of pork slices, and the amount of seaweed.

And that was it until next week hopefully~ Aw and I wanted to add that I'm also in the middle of exams! but still not over... sometimes I just feel as lost as Satomi-sensei lol~ and also, I had this little incident in which the whole class was happy with one student not getting expelled for silly cheating, they were so cute being all happy... sometimes kids just do silly stuff...I guess

Ep.4 Notes:

Hi! Ep. 4 here, first of all, I made a mistake with the title of ep 3, among other mistakes surely, but this one was bothering me, ha, so now I changed it and it makes sense! Okay, now this episode's notes will be very short, I rather liked this episode~ maybe because I'm Michi-biased and I'm glad to see his character evolving for better~

- inarizushi; sushi wrapped in fried tofu​.
oinari-back, remember about the food that Harada-sensei eats, well Satomi-sensei makes a word play between returning something back or a favor back, with the name of the food. So, it ended with 'inari-back'.

- タピる - Tapiru - I'm adding here a very rough translation of the meaning of this~
The "Tapiru", is a word used in a sense of " to drink a tapioca drink " or " I want to drink a tapioca drink ". It is a word that uses Tapioca as a verb, such as "Tapitai" (I want to) or "Tapita" (in the past), and is a word that is used by female junior high and high school students mainly on SNS.
Tapioca is a food that has been in vogue for several years, but in 2018 the Tapioca Drinks Store, which aimed at upgrading to Instagrams in particular, has been opened one after another, and it has come to be called "Tapioca Sengoku Era". Popular stores in Taiwan became a hot topic as they entered Tokyo and Kansai, and became popular among female junior high and high school students using SNS such as Instagram.

So, I couldn't resist and I'm adding a little picture here, and two more things about this, first Tanaka-sensei clarifies that Tapiru refers to tapioca since this word is mostly known and used by young people and second these are called bubble tea, I wonder about the taste~

- Oh! and because of the food I totally forgot about this, the work-experience thing, we don't have those here, that I know of, and I wasn't familiar with the way of calling it, properly, this was the best I got after reading about it online, so I hope it doesn't sound so bad. It's all over the episode~

And that's it, I'm really busy with exams ... still and I'm doing the sort of check-up that I need to do for taking the hours as a teacher this year, so it'll be a pretty crazy week, I really hope I can keep the pace~ But I enjoyed ep 5 a lot, by the way, isn't it too cute a Nobuo-produce episode~ I can't wait to work on it~

Ep.5 Notes:

Ep. 5 here, well, this will be so long~ I don't know why but there are so many things to say on this episode in terms of notes of translation... this post will end with my usual length, after all, ~ But, let's start, I have popular references, food, songs... everything..

- 🍞 菓子パン - Let's start with food, this is how Harada-sensei calls what Tojo is eating, I think I wrote 'sweet bread' but the translation would be: baked sweet goods (e.g. anpan, melon bread, etc.); sweet pastry; sweet bread​. I want to try the melon-pan, for some reason~

- 🦊 'calling the fox'. Okay, this forced me to write some notes on the screen, I had no idea of this, so, I don't know if you know, but it turns out that after a popular dorama, or so I read, the rururu is a known way of calling for foxes. I search for this a lot online,
"From the Northern Country" is a series of Japanese television dramas broadcasted on Fuji Television Network. Broadcasted from 9th October 1981 to 26th March 1982.
Narrated by the son, Jun, the tale follows the lives of two children torn between their parents and their parents' divorce. Jun, and his sister Hotaru, grow and mature in the harsh climates of Hokkaido, and learn the ways of life through their interaction with the folk of Furano."

So, this is a very old dorama, here's a nice review if you want to check, and it can also be found with subs. Around ep. 5, I think, the girl, Hotaru calls a wild fox with the 'ru ru ru', and that's how she keeps calling it... I think its story doesn't end well, but you can find videos of people filming foxes and calling them like that~ Oh and while looking for this, I found this pretty interesting song that helps with verbs ending with ru~ LOL but that's a wolf though hahaha

- 🎶 Now about the lyrics reference by Harada-sensei, pretty much at the end, it's from the song 'Nando Demo' by Dreams Come True, it's a pretty known song, so, you probably have listened to it, I'm leaving here a link to a lyrics translation and a video with Tsuyo-pon, 'cause why not. The part I wrote in the subtitles was a bit different just to get the meaning better without context, or at least that was my intention.

- 🍕 The Windsor part, lol, this is a part in which Harada gets really angry with Windsor, the American(?) guy, and it's basically because of the pronoun choice by a guy who is a stranger in his house, and the boyfriend of his daughter. I didn't know how to mark it so I used the ''.
There are more notes on him, well, there's a bit of an explanation on basic Japanese here, when he calls on the phone, he says 'shimoshimo' instead of 'moshimoshi' and he says that's because he heard a Japanese comedian, Nora Hirano, talking like that.
Also, this is not reflected but, Harada says that he could accept this guy as his daughter's boyfriend by "taking a hundred steps back", this expression "a hundred steps" means to accept the other party's case roughly.

- ⚭ The "3 bags/sacks" of marriage. Don't get tired of this theme! But, this note is about the 3 bags, I also had no idea about this, but, it seems it's a pretty known subject at weddings,
There is a classic story called 三つの袋 (mittsu no fukuro), which is used in a Japanese wedding.
The literal meaning of "mittsu no fukuro" is "three bags," and these bags are often mentioned as important The first one is 給料袋 (kyuryo bukuro), which means "pay envelope."
The second one is 堪忍袋 (kannin bukuro), which means a limit of patience.
The third one is お袋 (ofukuro), which means "mother" or "mother-in-law."
There's this joke about the bags, and that's what's actually used in the last part of the dorama, I guess it's pretty clear.

- 🐄 I have no order for this! gomen! This is about Wakabayashi's も~う も~う も~う! (mou mou mou) which sounds a lot like the sound from cows, so that's why Yui says he's become a cow. I guess it's pretty obvious.

- 📱 When Wakabayashi, he has such a long name! wants to ask for the girl's number he says, 押して by error, which can mean 'push' or 'press' that's how it ended in the way I wrote it...

- 🌸 The blooming part, this is when Shouji sensei talks about the 80% of blooming, this is an expression that is used to mark the degree of blooming of the sakura flowers during Spring.

- 🌈 Ganba Rainbow. The girls use this expression to cheer Wakabayashi on the date, I think this ep. more than anything shows how much Harada's influence has grown in the group and this is revealed also in their way of talking. Also, we can begin to see how Akechi is sort of losing against Harada. Next episode will focus more on Akechi and a little bit of his background, but there are still many unanswered questions...

- 🥟 Momotaro's tale. This is when Wakabayashi asks why almost everyone was there watching him, Harada says that he gave them dumplings. This is all from Momotaro's tale which is pretty well known, but here a brief explanation on this part,
When he matured into adolescence, Momotarō left his parents to fight a band of Oni (demons or ogres) ... Momotarō met and befriended a talking dog, monkey and pheasant, who agreed to help him in his quest in exchange for a portion of his rations (kibi dango or "millet dumplings"). (Source)

There are also a couple of words that are largely used by young people which I just adapted in what sounded best according to my knowledge of English, so I'm sorry about probable mistakes, again, but this was hard and with all these notes you can tell it took a lot of researching and at the same time it was really fun~ LOL
I still couldn't do all the check-up I have to do, so ... I do hope next week's subs can be done around the same time, we're around half of this~ And I've mentioned before, I hate putting the notes of phone messages and sort around the screen, this ep forced me to do it...I hope it's understandable and I tried to leave them as long as possible for it to be readable. Otsuka-rainbow!

** Added: With so many notes I forgot about this 3:
- The 'producing' verb was used in reference to 'Nobuta produce''s way of using it, if you haven't watched that dorama, I highly encourage you to do so.
- About the message on the blackboard that Harada-sensei wrote... it used the expression 'passing the baton' and he added a chikubi by the end.. I didn't clearly mention this, in case you were wondering, it is his way of mixing words.
- And when Harada-sensei forces Wakabayashi to express his feelings, he says 'anata no ban desu' which is a dorama from the same network, different day.

Ep.6 Notes:

Ep. 6 here, well, I'm just now trying to write some notes, I honestly wasn't sure whether I could even finish this for last week, I'm really pretty much as busy this week too, it's such a pity because I'm really enjoying the episodes and I'd love to be more according to the releases, but until now it's impossible. Next episode is fully focused on Akechi, so all of you, Ren-Ren fans, will get to enjoy more of him, I didn't know another of his nicknames was Na-chan, so when I read one of your comments I was like, who's that? LOL, so, I'm random here, as usual, let's get into the notes, btw all my thanks to those who take their time to leave me small encouraging messages, it really means a lot to me! Arigatou! and the Otsuka-rainbow makes me laugh a lot each time! 😹

First, I forgot to add 3 things in last ep.'s notes, I'll do that and then continue here.

- 🥤 frog eggs - This is at the very beginning and just a couple of seconds, but it's about the similarity of the tapioca balls to the frog eggs. I've never had a drink like this... I wonder about the flavor~
Jelly tapioca pearls (or frog egg drink)
"Jelly tapioca pearls" are a type of flavored tapioca ball. They get their Mandarin name, “frog eggs,” from their white appearance in the center after cooking. Vendors who sell the drink usually add some syrup or creamer before serving or serve it on top of shaved ice.

- 🐦 'キッスが大好きなキツツキキススキ。'. To be honest the drawing was kind of scary, LOL, it's like a pun on the sound of the words, 'キツツキ' - kitsutsuki - is a woodpecker​, then 'キッス' - Kissu - is kiss, 'キススキ' - kisusuki - can mean 'love to kiss', so I think I wrote something like a 'woodpecker​ who loves to kiss' but, that has nothing of the fun play of words in Japanese, hence the note here.

- 🏫 parents' day. This is about the classroom visitation day, this is just a note because it's not usual in my country, again, LOL. I've only seen this on TV and doramas, and mainly with really small kids, that's why they find it so weird in high school. I think I've only seen this in the first year of elementary school here, but it was like a whole class prepared for parents, like a presentation, not a day to observe a 'normal' class day.. either way, I guess it's strange even for them to have this in high school.

- 👨‍👦 When Akechi's dad enters his apartment, the way Akechi addresses his father is a little rude, that's why his dad tells him to watch his words, I don't know if I was able to convey that.

- 🦷 Huh? | Tooth! I don't know why but I find funny all the interactions with Harada's family. This part is from there, and it's because Huh and Tooth sound pretty similar in Japanese, I think I added a note in the subs.

- 🔖 obi in the book. Okay, I had no idea how to write this, the pretty wrappings that come with the books when you buy them, how do you call them? So, Satomi-sensei wants to know what happened with that when he borrows the manga book to her student.

- 👩‍🎤 アムラー Amurā This was mentioned before, that Harada-sensei is an Amuro Namie's fan. And this expression is used to refer to young girls who imitate the style of singer Amuro Namie.

And that was it! I feel like there were fewer notes this week~
I'm still in the middle of the medical checkup while doing my two jobs, but..I'll try to do my best, again thank you for the comments and I'm sorry about the mistakes! Otsuka-rainbow!

Ep.7 Notes:

Ep. 7 here, super late, I'm sorry! It looks like everything happened, gomen! I wanted to post this earlier, actually, I had like a couple of lines missing, especially the money ones and then a power cut in my whole country!! LOL, today was crazy... I couldn't do a thing that it's done, so~
To start this, I don't know if you read the notes before watching the episode, I never do that with subbers or if you read these notes at all, but this episode takes care of very heavy issues such as domestic violence, and there's a lot of blood coming from different sources, I'm really sensitive to blood or punches even though I know they're not real, so, this was hard to watch more than one time... especially the ending is really hard to watch and the very ending so surprising, so, this is kind of a weird warning, let me know what you think about the turn this is taking~

- NEETs – short for ‘Not in Education, Employment or Training’ and is used to describe people who are lazy/do not want to work. (Source)

- Shochu. Shōchū is a Japanese distilled beverage less than 45% alcohol by volume. Shōchū is drunk in many ways according to season or personal taste: diluted with room temperature water or hot water. (Source)
I chose the one that I think was about to be given to Nagai when she went to talk to Akechi's dad.

- お姉 - オネットワーク - Onettowork - It's like a mixture between the words network and onee. This last is the word it's used to refer to "effeminate man (often homosexual or transsexual)". There's an explanation here: ​It means a gay person wearing a woman's dress. The direct meaning of onee is one’s older sister, but if you want it to mean one’s sister, you should say, “onee-chan” or “onee-san”. But if you don’t put ‘chan’ or ‘san’, it means a gay. If you watch Japanese TV programs, you have many chances to see ‘onee’.
So, when referring to this I put it like 'sisters'.

- PK - Okay, this is about the boxing part, these are boxing terms, Idk whether you're familiar with, so, PK - penalty kick, and KO knockout, but Harada-sensei uses the initials of PK to refer to something else, like Daigo, the musician, would do.. something like that, I had to add the meaning in the subs 'cause it wouldn't have sense otherwise.

- Tengu - Tengu (天狗, "heavenly dogs") are a class of supernatural creatures found in Japanese folklore, art, theater, and literature. They are one of the best-known yōkai (monster-spirits) and are sometimes worshipped as Shinto kami (revered spirits or gods). The earliest tengu was pictured with beaks, but this feature has often been humanized as an unnaturally long nose, which today is practically the tengu's defining characteristic in the popular imagination.
Maybe after watching the pictures, you'll find them familiar.

- One additional note would be the letters, from Akechi's mom, I found it so hard to read her handwriting, I have no problems with the letters in the blackboard, but in these letters, the result is what I was able to get...not literal at all.
Oh, and I'd like to make a little note on the money thing, I find it hard to measure since I know so little on their coin, but I tried to put the numbers in the American system. And by the end, when Akechi's father is talking about a borrowing this is about Harada's previous words, how his son's earnings would be higher than his... So, the father is giving Akechi money like a loan counting on that money he'll earn in the future. That's what I understand, again sorry about probable mistakes and all.

And that was it!
I'm kind of happy my medical checkup went well, thanks for your encouraging comments, and I'll try to end this on time! The ending is approaching! I want to know how this wraps up... Otsuka-rainbow!

Ep.8 Notes:

Ep. 8 here, I'm really in the middle of a lot of things in RL, so, I won't be sharing the raws here anymore, I just don't have the time or the will to keep doing something I don't want to. So, I'm sorry if it's a problem.
Raw shared in the comments

- A high school that will definitely not laugh. So, correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe this is one of the segments in the variety show Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!! (ダウンタウンのガキの使いやあらへんで!!, lit. "Downtown's We Aren't Errand Boys!"), often abbreviated Gaki no Tsukai (ガキの使い) or just Gaki Tsuka (ガキ使), is a Japanese variety show hosted by popular Japanese owarai duo, Downtown, with comedian Hōsei Tsukitei (formerly known as Hōsei Yamasaki) and owarai duo Cocorico co-hosting.
This is a show that has been airing since a pretty long time. If you want to check what this segment is about I found this short video here. Basically, they can't laugh, no matter what.

- 入られ放題 - this is the 'unlimited entering', this was hard to produce in English, this is a 'word' that doesn't exist in Japanese, like the combination, you can tell what it means but it is incorrect, and it's explained in the episode like being coined by Windsor, it means just that unlimited entry to an event.

- Mahabharata - This is a pretty interesting one,
The Mahabharata (French: Le Mahabharata) is a French play, based on the Sanskrit epic Mahābhārata, by Jean-Claude Carrière, which was first staged in a quarry just outside Avignon in a production by the English director Peter Brook. The play, which is nine hours long in performance (eleven with intervals), toured the world for four years.
So it does last 9 hours, I think Hirota-sensei is my favorite, after all, we got his confession in this episode LOL.

- OMAE, I'm adding this here, because I mentioned this just before, Hirota confesses that he's been calling Shouji-sensei with omae, which is really not polite, and during the previous episodes Shouji-sensei always asks with a little of tardiness about this, I found this hilarious lol.

- The fingers! This was curious too, Japanese people have a lot of ways to refer to the fingers, especially when you're a child, I guess, I found this page if you're interested.

- Joint lock, this is what Windsor does to Koga-sensei, according to Wikipedia, A Joint lock is a grappling technique involving manipulation of an opponent's joints in such a way that the joints reach their maximal degree of motion.

I don't know where to add this but in this episode, we can clearly see the strong influence Harada-sensei has in the students. Don't be fool by the premise, this is not a light episode, I think they cover really heavy themes, again, and I think in this dorama everything is taken with a pinch of fantasy, which makes this whole thing lighter and a lot less dark than it could be. I appreciate that, but I highly doubt things will turn out the way it did here, especially speaking as a teacher myself. It really made me think about many things, since I have to be very careful with my appearance at my workplace, always thinking of how I influence my students, and the school expects that from me. I guess we should keep in mind this is just a dorama and reality is really different in different places.

And that was it!
So, for raws you can try searching online I just added a link to one of the comments above this, there's a bunch of sites with SD or HD quality that matches the sync. I checked KP's LJ's raw and sadly it's a bit off, I'm not using those raws 'cause they're too heavy for my poor disk, but the quality is great. If I had the time I'll sync them, sorry, I wouldn't mind at all if someone is willing to do it.
I'm really thankful to all of you who always take the time to leave a little encouraging message or to share your thoughts on the dorama, I love to read your impressions. I've watched the ending episode by now and I think it was great! Let's hope I can end this soon~ Next episode is one of my favorites so far, so, I can't wait to start it. We'll get to understand Harada-sensei more by knowing a little bit more on his past.

Ep.9 Notes:

Ep. 9 here, why is this post so long already?!! Either way, this episode's notes will be very short, but I wanted to include this 'cause I find it funny.

- Hyu Hyu dayo! This is the expression that Harada's teacher uses, and this is the catchphrase from a popular dorama from 1992, and oldie, called Hatachi no yakusoku, the protagonists were SMAP's Goro and Makise Riho, and it looks like it's full of drama, either way, she was the one saying this Hyu Hyu. This was later than Harada's teacher, that's why Harada says his teacher was ahead of time. I couldn't explain that in just a line above. Sorry!

- Ohayo-gurt, lol, this is his hello to the teachers, he mixes Ohayo (Good morning) with yogurt, Ohayogurt, I think that was really funny, lol, I laugh at silly things~

And that was it!
There's just one missing! I wanted to finish the last two together, but I couldn't, and I can't wait to finish it... gomen, hopefully, I'll be ending the dorama as soon as possible. Otsuka-rainbow!

Ep.10 Notes:

Ep. 10 and that's the end of this!! Finally, I'm sorry for the delay! And I don't remember if I've mentioned this before, but all the titles of the episodes, or most of them, are related to crying and that has to do with the poster for the dorama in which all the characters were crying. So, the last one says it's time to cry aloud.
This dorama ends in the same crazy way it started and it felt nostalgic and like a nice ending. I'll put some notes, and later leave a couple of my impressions, because I just don't care about the length of this post anymore and I want to say it here, where else otherwise?

- Peptide bond. I didn't know Koga-sensei was a chemistry teacher, lol, either way, this is what he's explaining at the beginning of the episode. A peptide bond (amide bond) is a covalent chemical bond formed between two molecules when the carboxyl group of one molecule reacts with the amino group of the other molecule, causing the release of a molecule of water (H2O)

- 100 LDK - This is an interesting one!
The number that comes before the acronym means the number of rooms separate from the LDK (basically the number of bedrooms). So a 1LDK would mean an apartment that has a Living, Dining, Kitchen area with 1 bedroom as well as a separate toilet/bathroom. A 2LDK would mean that there are 2 bedrooms plus the Living Dining, Kitchen part, a 3LDK would indicate 3 bedrooms and so on. (Source)
I think I just translate this as the number of bedrooms which is something we normally use, I guess?

- Omae - Again, and this is one of my fave parts of the episode when Tojo goes to the hospital to visit Harada-sensei and when he talks to him he calls him with this unpolite 'you' form after a long time, so Harada-sensei says something like 'you're using the omae again after a long time', which I just avoided and put something referring to the unpolite way of speaking to his teacher, which is also truth. But, I found that more obvious when translated.

- Choufu, this is the place where is the 100LDK's house of Hirota-sensei.
Chōfu is approximately in the south-center of Tokyo Metropolis, approximately 20 kilometers from downtown Tokyo, on the Musashino Terrace bordered by the floodplains of the Tama River and the Iruma River.

- Donkey's ears. Well, I mean, I have no idea the connection to this reference coming from Harada-sensei. But the expression comes from one of the Aesop's fables, specifically this one, the king with donkey's ears.
In the Aesop fable “The King with Donkey Ears”, the King’s barber is sworn to secrecy as the only one who knows the King has donkey ears. Eventually, the barber can’t keep the secret anymore and yells it into a hole in the barren countryside. A boy finds the hole with the voice coming out with its secret, and the secret ends up spreading everywhere despite the barber’s good intentions.

- This one is a little detail, but when Harada-sensei is handing the diplomas and the turn comes to one of the boys, he answers 'I think I'll follow you', well, I think he refers like in an SNS account, because he was the guy obsessed with technology that discovered Yano-sensei's reflection in the video in the previous episode.

- dono - I love finding new suffixes, lol, this one is in the diploma the students handed to the teacher.
Mr.; Mrs.; Miss; Ms.​Polite (teineigo), form of address used for official letters and business letters, and in letters to inferiors

- たまひゅん - this is also coming from Harada-sensei, I think most of the notes are coming from his mouth lol. This is an expression used to express duh, sorry for the repetition that the testicles feel like shrinking when the person experiences fear or tension. Like going to amusing parks when you fall from a high place. Either way, I only found pages in Japanese so that's what I got, and I couldn't tell physically either, so... though I read this expression can also be used by females recently.

- And two more that I have not much to say about them... Michiru chance, this is said by Tanaka-sensei by the end, his name is Michiru, but I didn't want to have to explain all of that.
And Harada-sensei saying Kimutaku, lol, I don't know why, I'm guessing because he was leaving and RenRen stopped him... like in a dorama?

And that was it!
I really don't know how I was able to finish this while all the things I had to do, like for real in rl, I don't know if I'll ever do this again, probably I will, 'cause I tend to forget easily lol, but this was terribly difficult and because of all of that I'm really sorry about mistakes, grammar errors and bad temper, lol, I really try to avoid all of that, because this is my happy place, but I'm bound to make mistakes, I'm doing this to learn, to start with, I try very hard to avoid grammar mistakes, but I usually fail terribly and this is the reason I don't usually re-watch my subbing, because I want to scold my old-self, and because of all the pressure I usually get moody by the middle lol. So, there's been a couple of people so nice to be willing to share raws that sync in different ways, and I want to thank them, especially.
OK, on my impressions on this dorama, like I said before I think this dorama wraps the ending very well, I like how all the students were included, I also liked that even until the end it maintained its level of craziness and yabai-ness. I liked most of the characters, I enjoyed the teachers jokes a lot, they were super silly but made me laugh. In this episode, I loved the E.T. joke! I laugh every time I see it, and I lol like the first time... maybe it's me lol,...either way.
Well, I don't if you noticed it but I'm soooo biased towards Michi, I think he's super super cute and I love to see how his acting is improving, and how much he's growing up!, I think he had nice chemistry with Arata and I loved watching his scene with him, he was able to transmit all the thoughts that the audience also probably has to that point and it's nice to think about how much his character has improved from the beginning. I'm probably biased but I liked his character the best among the students and I think his relationship with the teacher was the closest and I loved that it felt in that way.
At the end, I think it was a very interesting dorama, with nice acting, nice characters and a singular storyline, even though it was predictable, because I knew how this was ending, this is the typical plot with a 'particularly odd' teacher who comes for a limited amount of time to influence on the students in a unique way. And even though predictable, I love this plot each time, and this was no exception. This kind of reminded me of Gokusen, so if you like those teacher-students doramas I'm sure you enjoyed this. So, that's it, please do leave your impressions if you want, I always enjoy replying the comments :D and thank you for sharing this journey~ it's been a nice couple of months following this story.
I'm also in the Winter break at school, I couldn't finish this sooner but now it's done, I think I'll take a break now~
This has nothing to do with this, or maybe it does, but these last couple of weeks, it's been super hard because of Arashi's all, all that is happening around them, I hate having to say goodbye to the best 5 guys ever~

I won't say anything here, except I'm pretty busy, but I hope some of this will help you to enjoy this dorama, I liked the first episode a lot.
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I do understand I have some unfinished business with subbing plus I'm so freaking busy in rl, but yet, I'm here again~

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Thank you so much for subbing this. Thank you for the notes they are insightful and yes VS Arashi episode I have seen it!!! lol :) :D <3
Hello! Thank you for subbing this. I'm not an LJ member so I want to thank you for making the subs and the raw available for non-lj users.
Hi! Sure, no problem, you can do that, I don't use torrents so I really don't know which are the available raws. So, it's fine by me. Good luck. :D