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Eien musubi - Kis-my-ft2

Hi!! Can't believe I'm finally back to normal~ back to the songs I want to translate~ back to not knowing what to do, what to watch... This is my song 101 and I'll tell you why at the end of the post, but first! This song to tie the knot!

OK, I didn't know which one was the other song with a PV in this latest Kis-my-ft2 single, called 'Hands up' or anything behind it. But I usually like Kisumai's ballads, because... actually I don't have a reason... but I liked the piano at the beginning and then Gaya's voice in this song! TBH one of the two reasons I picked this song was Gaya, I love his voice in this song and Tama-chan's...even though he has few lines here~ But Gaya and Kitayama are great here. So, I know the lyricist of this song has worked with Jhonny's before, but I could only find this song: Song for you 〜君を信じて〜 from Kinpuri's latest album. As a composer, they've worked also with Sexy Zone's チクチクハート~beating beating~.
I got kanji from here and I'll maybe add colors from here.



Composer:MiNE・Atsushi Shimada

空っぽな街 2人で居れば
色褪せた景色 君で染まった
抱き締めて 抱き締めて かけがえない時間を感じる

嘘に聞こえないかな? この心見せたいよ

未完成な僕等 ひとりじゃ生きれない
You're the only one You're the only one
誰かの為じゃない 君の光でいたい
You're the only one
決まっていた 2人の出逢い

抱き締めて 抱き締めて 深い愛注いでくれた

次は僕らの番だ 愛を繋いで行こう
数え切れない程 大切な物がある

欠片を集めて ひとつになるんだ
You're the only one You're the only one
You're the only one

今日も一緒に 明日も一緒に
ずっと一緒に その次の日も

未完成な僕等 ひとりじゃ生きれない
You're the only one You're the only one
誰かの為じゃない 君の光でいたい
You're the only one

ひとつをふたつに ふたつをみっつに
You're the only one You're the only one
You're the only one

(English translation)

Endless bond

Composer:MiNE・Atsushi Shimada

[] If the two of us were living in an empty town,
a landscape with faded colors, with you we'd turned it in something else,
hugging each other, hugging each other, I can feel this is an irreplaceable time.

[] So many times we've drawn that smiling picture
with vibrant colors (of love).
[] It wasn't a lie, right? I want to show it to this heart.

[|] The immature you and me, can't live on their own anymore.
You're the only one You're the only one
You are my "truth".
[|] Not anyone else's, I want to be your light.
You're the only one.
It was settled, our encounter.

[] The miracle we received long ago,
I want to return now with the words "Thank you"
[] Hugging each other, hugging each other, we poured profound love.

[] Next, it's our turn, let's tie our love,
multiplying (dreams of) vibrant colors,
[] countless of them. We have something important.

[|] Gathering the pieces, becoming one.
You're the only one You're the only one.
Here is the center of the world,
[|] sharing together smiles and tears.
You're the only one.
Let's accumulate eternity.

[] Together today, and also tomorrow
[] always together, the following day as well,
[] and the future day after that one too...

[All] The incomplete me and you can't subsist alone anymore.
You're the only one You're the only one.
All my "truth".
Not anyone else's, I want to be your light.
You're the only one.
It has been settled.

[||] One into two, [||| now, together] two into three.
You're the only one You're the only one.
Filling everything with love,
because I'll protect both your smiles and your tears.
[||| sharing them]
You're the only one.
Let's tie our love with eternity.
[|] Let's tie our love.

[T/N]:Ok, I don't know if the colors will work, but there they are, it's super late~ why?! That's why I'm so sleepy... ok, this song, pretty obviously is about getting married or deciding it. I tried really hard with the pronouns, because, pronouns... but on notes on this... actually I'm only thinking about the CMs I want to share below lol
- The words between this brackets ( ) are there because the kanji used in the lyrics, there's usually the kanji of love but it's read or sang as 'color' following the images of paintings. Which is also related to dreams, which is also read as 'color'. I wanted to mark this because it's evident in the kanji, but I tried adding this obvious part between these brackets.
- The word that it's repeated a lot, it's actually connecting, linking, so, it's like let's connect each other, but I kept thinking about 'tying the knot' lol, which sounds better in English and it's also acceptable.
- The words or phrases between these brackets [ ] are those who aren't in the lyrics, but you can hear them in the background, and I'm talking about the final stanza, in which we have two voices, one is Mitsu-Gaya-Tama-chan and the other is Busaiku. I only added two of them, 'cause the other times Busaiku only goes with 'wow', and everything wraps up with Gaya+Mitsu. Gaya is great in this song.
I think that's all, the rest was me trying to adapt to this way too romantic theme in the best way. I hope it didn't end up so bad...

This is the other single in this double single(?) or is just a song in the single with a PV? Idk, either way this song is for a CM for recruit.
OK, now you really need to know the meaning of this song, I mean watching these CMs lol, and it's here, lol they're as crazy as Japanese CMs can get... I love them~

LOL, maybe I'll try explaining them a little later, it's really late~ (Basically it's Kisumai convincing people of getting married with beams coming from unexpected places, lol)
Why I always choose so easily a Kisumai song? I don't know..this one was for Gaya's singing and these CMs, lol. Either way, this is my number 101 because you know which one is 100, and the reason I haven't seen the making or read any translation is because, for the first time in my life, I'm waiting for my copy to arrive~ Now I'm kind of doubting it'll ever will, it's in my country already btw, but it's unmoved... either way, I think I'll start working on the lyrics, for myself, to make me feel good about something...why am I even talking about this???

Jaa ne
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